PSA Business Group was first established in 2010 to provide a range of dedicated business consulting and support services to Global customers in the International Freight Forwarding/Logistics market segment.


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PSA’s EdiCast is a development and hosting service for EDI Integrations with your trading partners, we will design, develop and implement the EDI solution for your business which will provide considerable improvements to your business productivities and also enable you to engage directly with your customers on electronic data exchange and continue to add value.

PSA provides hosted EDI service for you on our dedicated EDI infrastructure which is fully supported and maintained.

Our team at PSA will project mange your integration from initial conception to start dates, and work directly with your to implement the solution into your operation by defining work practices and establishing SOP.

Types of Data and Communications:

PSA development team have handled both inbound/outbound of the following data formats and standard

  • ANSI
  • X12
  • CSV/TXT flat files
  • Excel
  • XML
  • Propriety Data Formats

We have setup the following established communication protocols for our clients

  • AS2
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • WebServices
  • SOAP

Examples of EDI Solutions:

  •  Inbound
    •  Shipment Booking Data
      • Return Response file to client or trading partner
    • Conso/Shipment Data from Overseas Agent
    • Account Payable transaction matched to your shipment
    • Purchase Orders
    • Rate Updates
  • Outbound
    • Status Update to clients or agents
    • Invoice Files to client
    • Accounting Transaction to external systems
    • Order Status updates
    • Shipment/Consol data to external system


Phone 1-424-298-1880


Skype paulallen.psabc

PSA Business Group, LLC, 414 2nd St, #236. Hermosa Beach