PSA Business Group was first established in 2010 to provide a range of dedicated business consulting and support services to Global customers in the International Freight Forwarding/Logistics market segment.


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ReportCast: Business Intelligence Delivered

Since the inception of our business back in 2010 we have been developing dynamic business model reporting for our clients, where we design reporting models to match their business needs and delivery monthly reports with analysis service from our consultants – we call this ‘PSA Business Intelligence Delivered’.

A major part of our ‘Reporting as a Service’ model to our client is the role of our consultants, who work as collaborative partners to help our clients with analysis of their business and improvements to their business, while also continuing to improve the dynamic reporting models.

How does Business Intelligence Delivered Work for you?

  • Our consultants will work with you to understand your needs
  • Provide listing of standard reporting models
  • Once our clients decide which model they wish to utilize
  • We will arrange the setup of report and mapping to your data
  • Advise the monthly time frames for delivery and business review
  • Your company will be issued username/password to access the Business Intelligence Reporting.

There are 2 costs associated to this service, the initial setup of reports and online environment, and month service fee for your portfolio of reports.

For report request that are not part of our standard offering, we will provide you quote to design the business model for your company and monthly fee, once setup these customs reports will be added to your portfolio.

Standard Report Model Available Financial

  • Consolidated Financial Report (Multi- Country/Branch)
  • P&L Analysis
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Business Costing and Budget Analysis
  • Client Cashflow Analysis (DSO)

Business Cashflow Analysis Operational

  • Operational Dashboard – Forwarding
  • Key Company Branch Statistics
  • Transport Volumes
  • Revenue and Profitability
  • Client Activity
  • Trade Lane Activity
  • Staff Activity

Operational Dashboard – Customs Brokerage

  • Key Company Branch Statistics
  • Clearance Performance
  • Registration prior to arrival
  • Clearance Commenced prior to arrival
  • Release vs. Clearance metric
  • Duty paid vs. Clearance metric
  • Duty Payments
  • Client Importing Trends

Invoicing Performance Analysis Airfreight Costing and Profit Analysis

  • Airline Costing and Allocation
  • Trade Lanes Allocations
  • Experience Costing’s
  • Gateway usage analysis

Oceanfreight Costing and Profit Analysis

  • Carrier Costing and Allocation
  • Carrier Allocations vs Contract
  • Trade Lanes Allocations

Rating Management Client Yield Analysis

  • Profit and Lost
  • Yield Management
  • Client Trading Activity
  • Client Cashflow Analysis (DSO)

 Sales Sales Management Analysis

  • Sales Rep Portfolio Analysis
  • Sales Rep Client Profitability vs. Client Payments
  • Allocated Clients vs. Sold Clients
  • Sales Cycle Analysis
  • Lost clients report


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